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IOT Services

From sensor to visual monitoring


What We Do

Sensor prototyping

We engineer prototype-sensors for environmental and power measurement.

IOT consultancy

We have expertise in the following applications and technologies:

– InfluxDB

– Grafana

– Node-Red

Data visualisation

We provide modern graphical environments for data visualisation and monitoring

Data collection

We collect data from your IOT sensors and web-enabled machines and transform the data into useable metrics

Cloud Services

We host large volume and high-performance time series databases. We provide application developers with API’s to integrate the embedded analysis engine into your own (web-)applications or apps.

On premise deployments

If necessary we deploy and maintain these solutions  on premise

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

When we deploy fully functional IOT environments :  you’ll receive a turn-key delivery of a resilient chain of systems

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